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Description: Hairdo Holyland – Best guide to make you a stylist person . Inside this e-book, you will discover topics about the basics of hairstyles, check your face shape, best style for oval face, best style for long face, best style for square face, best style for round face, best style one heart shape. Learn to love the face and your style.

Topics of this ebook:
  • Introduction
  • Hair Style Basics
  • Examine Your Face Shape
  • Best Styles For An Oval Face
  • Best Styles For A Long Face
  • Best Styles For A Square Face
  • Best Styles For A Round Face
  • Best Styles For A Heart Shaped Face
  • Learn To Love Your Style
  • Some Bonus tricks

Basic informations of this ebook:
  • Name: Hairdo Holyland.
  • Contains: 31 pages.
  • License:  Master Resale Rights (MRR).
  • Source File: Not Included.
  • e-Cover: Included.
  • Sales Page: Included.
  • Squeeze Page: Included.
  • Category: Beauty.
  • File Size: 1.72 MB.

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